Data, data, data:
challenges for opportunistic network research.

Tristan Henderson

Opportunistic networking and opportunistic communications has been a popular area of research in the mobile networking community for several years now. But we still have a bit of a way to go before we can deploy these systems on a large scale. This talk will look at some of the outstanding research challenges, and suggest ways in which the research community can address these. In particular, we will consider some of the data-centric challenges. What data do we need to research opportunistic networks? How should we use these data? How should we analyse these data? And why, how, and with whom should we share these data?

Tristan Henderson is a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His research aims to better understand user behaviour and use this to build improved systems; an approach which has involved measurements and testbeds for networked games, wireless networks, mobile sensors, smartphones, online social networks and opportunistic networks. He serves on the JANET UK Wireless Advisory Group, the steering committee of the NetGames workshop, and is co-PI of the CRAWDAD data archive, the world's largest wireless network data archive, with over 90 datasets and tools in use by over 3000 users from 77 countries. Dr Henderson holds an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and an MSc and PhD in Computer Science from University College London. For more information, see