AOC 2007 Program           


Monday June 18, 2007

8h45 -9h00: Opening Remarks

9h00 -9h30: Keynote message

Fabrizio Sestini, EC

9h30-11h00: Session 1: Architectures

DTN-based Content Storage and Retrieval
Joerg Ott, Mikko Juhani Pitkaenen

Basic Abstractions for an Autonomic network Architecture
Christophe Jelger, Christian Tschudin, Stefan Schmid, Guy Leduc

Flex-WiFi: a mixed infrastructure and ad-hoc IEEE 802.11 network for data traffic in a home environment
Carlo Parata, Gabriella Convertino, Vincenzo Scarpa

11h00-11h30: Coffee break

11h30-13h00: Session 2: Routing in Opportunistic Networks

Utility-based Message Replication for Intermittently Connected Heterogeneous Networks
Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, Thierry Turletti, Katia Obraczka

GeOpps: Opportunistic Geographical routing for Vehicular Networks
Ilias Leontiadis, Cecilia Mascolo

Probabilistic Routing Protocol for Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad hoc Networks (PROPICMAN)
Anh Hoang Nguyen, Silvia Giordano, Alessandro Puiatti

13h00-14h00 Lunch break

14h00-15h30: Sessions 3: Opportunistic and Social Networks

Defing and Exploiting Network Topologies in Human Networks
Martin Roth, Pablo Vidales

Impact of Social Mobility on Routing Protocols in Opportunistic Networks
Chiara Boldrini, Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella

Performance Analysis of Probabilistic Flooding Using a Random Graph Equivalent Konstantinos Oikonomou, Ioannis Stavrakakis

15h30-16h00: Coffee break

16h00-17h00: Sessions 4: Security

Barter-based cooperation in delay-tolerant personal wireless networks
Levente Buttyan, Laszlo Dora, Mark Felegyhazi, Istvan Vajda

Vulnerabilities in Epidemic Forwarding
Alaeddine El Fawal, Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Kave Salamatian

17h00-18h00: Panel

Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications in the Future Internet
Organized by Joerg Ott, HUT, Finland

Lars Eggert, Nokia Research Center, IETF Transport AD
Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin, Co-Chair IRTF DTNRG
Andrea Passarella, IIT-CNR

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