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Monday June 15, 2008

9h15 -9h30: Welcome

9h30 -10h30: Keynote Speach

From the Internet of Things to the Future Internet of Robots
Vania Conan, THALES, France

10h30-11h00: Coffee break

11h00-12h30: Session 1: Opportunistic Networking

Distributed Estimation of Global Parameters in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Alessio Guerrieri; Alberto Montresor; Iacopo Carreras; Francesco De Pellegrini; Daniele Miorandi

Privacy in Context-Based and Epidemic Forwarding
Abdullatif Shikfa; Melek Önen; Refik Molva

HYMAD: Hybrid DTN-MANET Routing for Dense and Highly Dynamic Wireless Networks
John Whitbeck; Vania Conan

12h30-14h00: Lunch break

14h00-15h30: Session 2: Work-in-Progress

Design and Analysis of Self-Organized Data Aggregation Using Evolutionary Game Theory in Delay Tolerant Networks
Habibul Kabir; Masahiro Sasabe; Tetsuya Takine

Enabling opportunistic communications in a Social Communications Broker Architecture
Oscar Solá; Jorge Alonso

OPPORTUNITY: Towards opportunistic activity and context recognition systems
Daniel Roggen; Kilian Förster; Thomas Holleczek; Gerhard Tröster; Paul Lukowicz; Kai Kunze; Alois Ferscha; Ricardo Chavarriaga

When Opportunity Proceeds from Autonomy: A Tour-Based Architecture for Disconnected Mobile Sensors
Michel Charpentier; Radim Bartos; Swapnil Bhatia

15h30-16h00: coffee break

16h00-17h30: Session 3: Autonomic Resource Management and Cooperation

Improving Partial Cover of Random Walks in large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Leonidas Tzevelekas; Ioannis Stavrakakis

Realization of QoS Provisioning in Autonomic CDMA Networks under Common Utility-Based Framework
Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou; Timotheos Kastrinogiannis; Symeon Papavassiliou

Safebook: Feasibility of Transitive Cooperation for Privacy on a Decentralized Social Network
Thorsten Strufe; Leucio Antonio Cutillo; Refik Molva

17h30-18h30: Panel

To what extent will the Future Internet be Autonomic and Opportunistic?
Panel organizer and chair: Andrea Passarella, IIT-CNR, Italy

       Vania Conan, THALES, France
       Symeon Papavassiliou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
       Salal K. Das, University of Texas at Arlington & NSF, USA



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