Welcome to AOC 2015!

The organizing committee of the IEEE WoWMoM workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Computing is glad to welcome you to the 2015 edition of AOC, that will be held June 14th, 2015, in Boston, MA, USA.

The AOC 2015 workshop aims at serving as a meeting point and a forum for exchanging ideas, discussing solutions, and sharing experiences among researchers, professionals, and application developers, both from industry and academia. As with the past editions of the AOC workshop series, the scope of this year's workshop will remain on general issues related to opportunistic networking and computing. Yet, AOC 2015 will have a primary interest in new directions of opportunistic communications, such as mobile social networking, autonomous solutions for smart cities, big data for autonomic and opportunistic systems service composition techniques, scenarios of co-existence with infrastructure networks, and insights to their operation coming from other disciplines such as game theory and cognitive psychology.

AOC 2015 is sponsored by IEEE and IEEE Computer Society