I am serving as guest editor of the OSNEM CAOS 2019 Fast Track.

I am serving as the TPC Co-Chair of IEEE INFOCOM CAOS 2019 together with Fabrizio Silvestri.

I joined the Editorial Board of Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing [September 2018]

I joined the Editorial Board of Elsevier Computer Communications[September 2018]

I received the national qualification for Associate Professor (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale II Fascia, settori 01/B1 e 09/H1) [August 2018]

Attended the Dagstuhl Seminar on the Internet of People [October 2017]

Recent Publications

More Publications

. Weak signals in the mobility landscape: car sharing in ten European cities. EPJ Data Science, 2019.


. Twitter and the Press: an Ego-Centred Analysis.. Companion of the The Web Conference 2018 on The Web Conference 2018, 2018.

Preprint PDF Project

. Car sharing through the data analysis lens. 1st International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Mobility and Transportation Systems (KNOWMe’17), 2017.

Preprint Project Project

. Integration of demand and operational models for an agent based model of a stackable electric vehicle. hEART 2017: 6th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation, 2017.


. On the Performance of a One-way Car Sharing System in Suburban Areas: A Real-World Use Case. 3rd International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (VEHITIS 2017), 2017.


. Relocation in Car Sharing Systems with Shared Stackable Vehicles: Modelling Challenges and Outlook. IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC’17), 2017.

Preprint Project

. Stackable vs Autonomous Cars for Shared Mobility Systems: a Preliminary Performance Evaluation. The 1st IEEE ITSC Workshop on Mobility-on-Demand Systems (MoD@ITSC17), 2017.

Preprint Project

. What you lose when you snooze: how duty cycling impacts on the contact process in opportunistic networks. ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (ToMPECS), 2017.


. Can data mining help car sharing?. 2016 European Transport Conference, 2016.

Preprint Project

. Characterising Demand and Usage Patterns in a Large Station-based Car Sharing System. The 2nd IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Smart Cities and Urban Computing, 2016.

PDF Project


Our paper “The Impact of Regulated Electric Fleets on the Power Grid: the Car Sharing Case” won the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE RTSI (Track: Smart Grids and Smart Mobility for Smart Cities). [September 2016]

Our paper “Duty Cycling in Opportunistic Networks: the Effect on Intercontact Times” won the Best Short Paper Award at MSWiM’14 [September 2014]

Recent & Upcoming Talks


LIGA (Fortissimo 2)

Large-Scale Indie Gaming Analytics (LIGA)


An innovative paradigm for autonomic opportunistic communication.


Network of excellence in Internet Science.


Mobile OpportunisTic Traffic Offloading.


Relevance and cognition for self-awareness in a content-centric Internet.


Service platform for social Aware Mobile and Pervasive computIng.


SOCIALNETS: Social networking for pervasive adaptation.

H2020 SoBigData

European Research Infrastructure for Big Data and Social Mining.


Easily diStributed Personal RapId Transit

Community Service

Editorial activity

Editorial board member for Elsevier Computer Communications (since September 2018).

Editorial board member for Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing (since Septmber 2018).

Guest editor of the OSNEM CAOS 2019 Fast Track.

Guest editor of the Computer Communications CHANTS 2016 Fast Track.

Guest editor of the Computer Communications Special Issue on Opportunistic Networking, together with Kyunghan Lee, Melek ├ľnen, Joerg Ott, and Elena Pagani. Check it out here.

Guest editor of the AOC 2011 Fast Track on Computer Communications.

Organising Committee

Workshop organiser

The first MoD@ITSC17 workshop on Mobility-on-Demand systems, colocated with IEEE ITSC’17. My co-organisers were Raffaele Bruno, Francesco Ciari, Hironori Kato, Kara Kockelman.

TPC co-chair

IEEE CAOS 2019: The First IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on the Communications and Networking Aspects of Online Social Networks. TPC co-chair: Fabrizio Silvestri (Facebook).

ACM CHANTS 2016 (together with Marcelo Dias de Amorim from UPMC), IEEE AOC 2012 (together with Merkouris Karaliopoulos, from the University of Athens), IEEE AOC 2011 (together with Elena Pagani from the University of Milan).

Workshops co-chair

IEEE PerCom 2016, together with Salil Kanhere.

Demo/poster co-chair

ACM MobiOpp 2012

Publication chair

IEEE PerCom 2015, IEEE PerCom 2014, ACM MobiOpp 2010

Publicity chair

IEEE PerCom 2013, IEEE PerCom 2012


IE 2019, IEEE PerCom 2019, IEEE PerCom 2019 WiP, ACM CHANTS 2018, IE 2018, IEEE LNC 2018, IEEE PerCom 2018, IEEE PerCom 2018 WiP, CoNEXT I-TENDER 2017, IFIP Networking 2017 (Poster and demo session), ACM CHANTS 2017, IEEE LNC 2017, VTC2017-Spring (Track: 1. Ad-Hoc, Mesh, M2M, and Sensor Networks), IEEE PerCom 2017, IEEE CoMoRea 2017, IEEE LNC 2016, IEEE PerCom 2016, IEEE PerCom Demos 2016, ICDCN’16, IEEE CoMoRea 2016, IEEE AOC 2016, ACM CHANTS’15, IEEE AOC 2015, IEEE CoMoRea 2015, IEEE PerMoby 2015, IEEE PerCom 2015, IEEE PerCom Ph.D. Forum 2015, IEEE ICDCN 2015, ACM CHANTS’14, IEEE ICCVE 2014, IEEE AOC 2014, IEEE PerCom 2014, IEEE PerMoby 2014, WON 2014, ACM CHANTS’13, IEEE ICCVE 2013, IEEE VTC’13, IEEE AOC’13, IEEE PerMoby’13, DySMoNet 2013, MiPS’13, ADHOCNETS’11, MNA’11, ACM MobiOpp 2010


I am not teaching any classes right now (we don’t have teaching obligations at CNR).

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In short, sharing Tweet IDs (unlimited amount) as a research institution for non-commercial research should be fine according to the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy.


Converting from LaTeX to docx is typically very painful. The most effective way that I’ve found so far is:

pandoc -f latex -t docx -o test.docx --bibliography=<bibname>.bib test.tex

Creating cross references is apparently impossible.

Side note: make sure the LaTeX file is in UTF-8 before converting.

(hat tip: Michael H. Goerz)