Past events:

TPC Co-chair


Demo/poster Co-chair

ACM MobiOpp 2012

Editorial activity

Guest editor of the Computer Communications Special Issue on Opportunistic Networking, together with Kyunghan Lee, Melek Önen, Joerg Ott, and Elena Pagani. Check it out here.

Guest editor of AOC 2011 Fast Track on Computer Communications


ICDCN'16, ACM CHANTS'15, IEEE AOC 2015, CoMoRea 2015, IEEE PerMoby 2015, IEEE PerCom Ph.D. Forum 2015, IEEE ICDCN 2015, ACM CHANTS'14, IEEE ICCVE 2014, IEEE AOC 2014, IEEE PerCom 2014, IEEE PerMoby 2014, WON 2014, ACM CHANTS'13, IEEE ICCVE 2013, IEEE VTC'13, IEEE AOC'13, IEEE PerMoby'13, DySMoNet 2013, MiPS'13, ADHOCNETS'11, MNA'11, ACM MobiOpp'10

Organizing Committee

IEEE PerCom'15 (Publication Chair), IEEE PerCom 2014 (Publication Chair), IEEE PerCom 2013 (Publicity Chair), IEEE PerCom 2012 (Publicity Chair), ACM MobiOpp'10