Sharing Twitter datasets for research

(as of Feb 22, 2018)

In short, sharing Tweet IDs (unlimited amount) as a research institution for non-commercial research should be fine according to the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy.


Storing data downloaded through the API is allowed. Geographic data, though, must be kept together with the content their are associated with.


  • you can share up to 50,000 public tweets/users per day and per user of the service
  • you can share (for non-commercial research) an unlimited number of Tweet IDs if you are a research institution
  • developers must keep content in sync with the content on Twitter (if a user deletes a Tweet or protects their account, for example)

The license should be CC-BY-NC (

Sidenote: there are explicit limitations for embargoed countries, not clear how these should be enforced on the sharing



Chiara Boldrini
Chiara Boldrini
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