Camera-ready Instructions

Authors who have got their paper accepted for presentation at the workshop and inclusion in the workshop proceedings must follow the instructions below and complete all the steps by 22 April 2016.

Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings and later made available in IEEE Xplore Digital Library and IFIP Digital Library if and only if the following conditions are fulfilled.

1. Author registration

  • At least one author per accepted paper must register for the workshop at the full registration rate (IEEE/IFIP member or non-member). This requirement applies even if the author is a student.
  • The registration fees must be paid prior to uploading the camera-ready version of the paper and are not refundable.
  • For authors with multiple accepted papers, one full registration is valid for one paper only.
  • The registration form requires a paper ID. For IoP-W papers, use "IoP-XX" for this field, where "XX" is the ID of your paper in EasyChair.

2. Presentation of the paper at the conference

  • Each accepted paper must be presented at the workshop by one of the authors unless a written permission for a substitute presenter has been granted by the workshop co-chairs. If permission for a substitute presenter has been granted, he/she must be qualified both to present and answer questions regarding the paper.
  • A paper that would not be presented or that would be presented by a substitute without prior written approval from the workshop co-chairs will be removed from the final conference proceedings and will not be made available in IEEE Xplore DL and the IFIP DL and no refund will be given for conference registration.

3. Paper format

  • Camera-ready version papers must be submitted in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • IEEE templates for conference proceedings (2 columns) must be used.
  • The maximum number of pages is six (6). Font size should be no smaller than 10 points.
  • PDF files that are not IEEE Xplore-compatible will not made be available in IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

More specifically, papers must comply with the following.

3.1 Prepare the final version of your paper

Revise your paper according to the reviewers' comments and carefully proofread your paper to ensure that no further revision will be required.

3.2 Fill in, sign and submit the IFIP copyright transfer form

Fill in and sign a IFIP copyright transfer form. Send a scanned version to networking2016@lists.univie.ac.at. Additionally, post the original copy to:

IFIP Networking 2016
COSY Research Group
University of Vienna
Waehringer Str. 29
1090 Vienna

3.3 Add IFIP copyright notice at the bottom of the first page of your paper

LaTeX users can add following lines just before \begin{document} for the copyright notice to show up:

\makebox[\columnwidth]{ISBN 978-3-901882-83-8~\copyright~2016 IFIP \hfill}%
\makebox[\columnwidth]{ }%
MS Word users can use: 'Insert' -> 'Text box', insert 'ISBN 978-3-901882-83-8 © 2016 IFIP' in the texbox, and place the box (without border) at the bottom left on the first page.

3.4 Ensure that your paper is IEEE Xplore©-compatible

Use IEEE PDF eXpress to check that your paper is IEEE Xplore©-compatible (Conference ID: 37820X). If you have any question, visit the PDF eXpress knowledge base website. If you do not find the answer to your question, go the "Ask a Question" tab and submit your question there.

3.5. Send us the camera-ready version of your paper

Send to us (at the following address: iopw2016@iit.cnr.it) a message as follows:
  • Subject must be: "[IoP-W 2016 camera ready]: paper IoP-XX" where "XX" is the ID in EasyChair of your paper.
  • The PDF of the camera ready paper must be attached.
  • The proof from PDF eXpress that your paper is IEEE-Xplore compliant must also be attached.

3.6 Need a visa?

If you are an IFIP IoP-W 2016 author and need an Invitation Letter, please register first and then send a corresponding request including the ID of your IoP-W paper in EasyChair to networking2016@lists.univie.ac.at.


In case of any questions relating to registration, payment, visa and other organisation support feel free to contact the IFIP Networking organisers at networking2016@lists.univie.ac.at. Include your name, affiliation, mailing address and the title and ID of your paper, and make sure that you have paid your registration fee before making the request.

For questions related exclusively with the IFIP IoP-W workshop contact the workshop chairs at iopw2016@iit.cnr.it.

Recall that workshop papers are allowed a maximum of 6 pages in the workshop paper format.

For further questions or problems, please contact: iopw2016 at iit dot cnr dot it