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Call for papers

Recently, wireless mesh networks have gained an incredible attention, and have emerged as a technology with great potential to support ubiquitous Internet broadband access. The growing interest in wireless mesh applications has boosted industrial efforts to offer wireless mesh network solutions, and major industrial players have entered the wireless mesh networking arena. The current trend in the deployment of mesh network systems is to utilize multi-radio, multi-channel, and sophisticated antenna technologies to enhance system scalability and dependability, and to ensure high capacity. However, despite the recent advances achieved by research groups and industrial laboratories, many research issues still exist. For instance, existing solutions for building mesh networks suffers from high interference and unsatisfactory performance due to the lack of efficient self-management procedures, advanced QoS support, and high scalability.

This workshop aims to bring together the technologist and researchers who share interest in the area of wireless mesh networks. The main purpose is to promote discussions of research and relevant activities in the design of architectures, protocols, algorithms, and applications for wireless networks. It also aims at increasing the synergy between academic and industry professionals working in this area. We plan to seek papers that address theoretical, experimental, and work in-progress at all layers of mesh networks, from application to physical layer.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Cross layer design and optimizations
  • Capacity analysis
  • Greening the Internet
  • Multi-radio and multi-channel wireless mesh networking
  • Medium access control protocols
  • Self-configuration and self-management procedures
  • Routing, scheduling, and channel assignment protocols
  • Mesh networks measurement
  • QoS provisioning
  • Mobility management
  • Topology construction and maintenance
  • Security architectures, functions and protocols
  • Privacy enhancing technologies for mesh networks
  • Testbed, prototype, and practical systems

Submission is managed electronically through EDAS:

Important dates
Submission Due: EXTENDED February 16, 2009
Acceptance Notification: March 25, 2009
Final Manuscript due: April 10, 2009
Workshop: June 15, 2008