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9:15 - 9:30: Welcome

9:30 -10h30: Keynote talk
QuRiNet Testbed and Related Research on Wireless Mesh Networks
Prasant Mohapatra, University of California, Davis, USA

10h30-11h00: Coffee break

11h00-12h40: Session 1: Resource and Mobility Management
Selecting Vertical Handover Candidates in IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks
Sven Wiethoelter; Adam Wolisz

Minimizing Energy Consumption by Power-Efficient Radio Configuration in Fixed Broadband Wireless Networks
David Coudert; Napoleao Nepomuceno; Herve Rivano

Autoconfiguration procedures for multi-radio wireless mesh networks based on DHCP protocol
Krzysztof Grochla; Walter Buga; Piotr Pacyna; Jaroslaw Dzierzega; Aleksander Seman

An Authentication Scheme for QoS-aware Multi-operator maintained Wireless Mesh Networks
Levente Buttyan; Laszlo Dora

12h45-14h10: Lunch break

14h10-15h30: Session 2: Work in Progress
Prediction of interference conditions in an ad hoc network
Till Wollenberg; Thomas Mundt

A CARMEN mesh experience: deployment and results
Pablo Serrano; Antonio De La Oliva; Carlos Bernardos; Ignacio Soto; Albert Banchs; Arturo Azcorra

Impact of Packet Aggregation on TCP performance in Wireless Mesh Networks
Jonas Karlsson; Andreas J. Kassler; Anna Brunstrom

Autonomous Load Balancing Anycast Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks
Sangsu Jung; June-Koo Kevin Rhee

15h30-16h00: Coffee break

16h00-17h20: Session 3: Routing
Bio-inspired Link Quality Estimation for Wireles Mesh Networks
Marcello Caleffi; Luigi Paura

Multi-Constrained Path Computation Algorithms for Traffic Engineering over Wireless Mesh Networks
Davide Adami; Rosario Garroppo; Stefano Giordano; Luca Tavanti

Configurable Routing in Mesh Networks
Nadine Shillingford; Christian Poellabauer

17h30-18h30: Panel: Research on Wireless Mesh Networks: What's Next?
Organizer: Raffaele Bruno, IIT-CNR, Italy

       Archan Misra, Telecordia Technologies, USA
       Prasant Mohapatra, University of California, Davis, USA
       Pablo Serrano, University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
       Vasilios Siris, FORTH-ICS, Greece