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Camera-Ready Instructions

Camera-ready papers are collected through EDAS. Please login with your usual credentials, and get to the page related to your HotMesh 09 paper. There you will see the link to upload the camera-ready file.

The information regarding the camera-ready format, as well as the templates for generating the camera-ready file, have been posted to the main WoWMoM website. The page limit is 6 pages, and one additional page can be bought at the cost of 100 Euros.

Please remember that it is mandatory to check IEEE PDF compliance at the IEEE PDF Xpress web site, and that a proof of this must be provided. Specifically, as stated in the acceptance notifications, authors are expected to send the positive outcome of this check to the WoWMoM publication chair Dirk.Kutscher@nw.neclab.eu and to us raffaele.bruno@iit.cnr.it

Also note that you must provide a signed copyright form as specified on the WoWMoM site

Finally, note that in order for your paper to appear in the workshop proceedings, at least one author must register at a full rate to the conference (the conference registration also covers the workshops).

The (firm) deadline for completing all the above procedures (camera-ready upload, filling and sending the copyright, registering) is on APRIL 15.