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The project has formed an Industrial Advisory Board whose membership represents a cross-section of technology and service providers (see Table I below); regular meetings with the Board will help us in revising, where necessary, the objectives of the project.

The role of the Industrial Advisory Board will be to assist the Executive Board:

  • with evaluating the direction and progress of the Project;
  • with evaluation of the lessons learnt from our planned case studies, and assessment of their likely validity in other environments;
  • with the development of exploitation plans.

The first meeting with the IAB took place in Cambridge (UK) beginning of July 2003. In the following subsections the members of the MOBILEMAN IAB are presented, and their role in the project is introduced.

Table I: MobileMAN Industrial Advisory Board

IAB Member

Role/Interests in MobileMAN


BTexact Technologies

BTexact Technologies role in MOBILEMAN is mainly related to the middleware solutions with a special attention to the peer-to-peer (p2p) computing paradigm.

Bob Briscoe

Ben Strulo


routing and service discovery mechanism

Pertti Suomela

ST Microelectronics

MAC and link layers

Jeff Owen


Networking solutions, but also on the business and social impact of Mobile Metropolitan Ad hoc Networks

Michael Bahr



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