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Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IIT-CNR), Italy

CNR is the project co-ordinator with a well-consolidated expertise for all the networking aspects. CNR will mainly concentrate on MAC, routing and transport protocols. (

Marco Conti (Project Coordinator), CNR Senior Researcher,
Enrico Gregori, CNR Research Director,
Giuseppe Anastasi, Professor at University of Pisa, and CNR-IIT Associate Reseracher,
Gianni Mainetto, CNR Researcher,
Raffaele Bruno, CNR Researcher,
Antonio Pinizzotto, CNR Technologist,
Patrizia Andronico, CNR Technical staff,
Riccardo Bettarini, CNR Technical staff,
Eleonora Borgia, Ph.d student,
Franca Delmastro, Ph.d student,
Gaia Maselli, Ph.d student,
Andrea Passarella, Ph.d student,
Giovanni Turi, Ph.d student,

University of Cambridge (UCAM-CLAB), United Kingdom

UCAM-CLAB is the expert for all Internet related networking problem ranging from scaleable multicast routing, practical approaches to traffic management, and the design of deployable end-to-end protocols. (

Jon Crowcroft (representative), Univ. Cambridge Professor,
Sven Ostring, Postdoctoral researcher,

Institut Eurecom (EURECOM), France

EURECOM is the expert of the network security research, including security in ad hoc networks. (

Refik Molva (representative), Eurecom Professor,
Pietro Michiardi, Ph.d student,

Helsinki University (HUT), Finland

HUT is the expert of location and addressing in cellular and ad hoc networks. (

Raimo Kantola (representative), HUT Professor,
Jose Costa-Requena, Researcher,
Nicklas Beijar, Researcher,

NETikos, Italy

NETikos is an SME with consolidated expertise in development and integration of applicative software for mobile environments. (

Piergiorgio Cremonese (representative), Technologist,
Veronica Vanni, Technologist,

Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI), Switzerland

SUPSI contributes to the project with two departments: DIE and DSL. SUPSI-DIE is the microelectronics expert that will lead the development of the network interface cards. SUPSI-DLS is the expert for social studies that will lead the validation of the self-organised paradigm from the social perspective. (

Silvia Giordano (representative), Senior Research,


Ivan Defilippis (coordinator), Senior Researcher,
Ralph Bernasconi, Researcher,
Alessandro Puiatti, Researcher,


Jennifer Duyne Barenstein (coordinator), Senior Researcher,
Claudia Brazzola, Research Assistant,


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