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Demonstration session


By following the success of similar events at previous PerCom conferences, a separate session has been designated at PerCom 2006 for technology demonstrations and industrial exhibits. The demonstrations are scheduled for Tuesday, March 14 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the PerCom Conference Center as part of the welcome reception. This arrangement follows a successful PerCom tradition, and allows all conference attendees an opportunity to interact closely with the presenters in a casual and relaxed environment. This offers a unique opportunity to showcase and discuss emerging technologies and recent research prototypes with leading engineers and researchers in the field. We received an unprecedented number of submissions (more than 25) and in spite of significantly expanding the number of accepted demos (from under 10 at prior PerCom conferences to 14 at PerCom 2006) we were unable to accommodate all of the interesting proposals. Given the unprecedented number and quality of the demos submitted, we are happy to announce the institution of the Best Demo Award (BDA), which will be presented during the PerCom 2006 Award session.


Luciano Bononi and Vipul Gupta
(PerCom 2006 Demonstration co-Chairs)


List of accepted demos: