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May 19-24 2002, Pisa - ITALY

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Jumpstart: A Just-In-Time Signaling Architecture for WDM Burst-switched Networks.

Ilia Baldine, Harry Perros, George N. Rouskas and Dan Stevenson

Device Discovery in Bluetooth Networks: a Scatternet Perspective

Stefano Basagni, Raffaele Bruno and Chiara Petrioli

QoS evaluation of Real-time applications over a Multi-Domain DiffServ experimental test-bed

G. Carrozzo, V. Chionsini, S. Giordano S. Niccolini

A new policy based management of Mobile IP users

Hakima Chaouchi Guy Pujolle

A framework for policy-based management of QoS aware IP Networks

Piergiorgio Cremonese, Marcello Esposito, Silvia Giordano, Milena Mondini, Simon Pietro Romano, Giorgio Ventre

SIP-H323: a solution for interworking saving existing architecture

Giuseppe De Marco, Salvatore Loreto, Gerardo Sorrentino, Luca Veltri

High Router Flexibility and Performance by Combining Dedicated Lookup Hardware (IFT ), off the Shelf Switches and Linux

Christian Duret Francis Rischette Joel Lattmann Valery Laspreses Pim Van Heuven Steven Van den Berghe Piet Demeester

Group Security Policy Management for IP Multicast and Group Security

Thomas Hardjono Hugh Harney

Issues in Internet Radio

Yasushi Ichikawa, Kensuke Arakawa, Keisuke Wano and Yuko Murayama

I/O bus usage control in PC-based software routers

Oscar-Iván Lepe-Aldama Jorge García-Vidal

Multiple Access in Ad-Hoc Wireless LANs with Noncooperative Stations

Jerzy Konorski

Next Generation Networks and Services in Slovenia

Andrej Kos, Janez Bešter, and Peter Homan

Minimizing the Routing Delay in Ad Hoc Networks through Route-Cache TTL Optimization

Ben Liang and Zygmunt J. Haas

Long-Range Dependence of Internet Traffic Aggregates

Solange Lima, Magda Silva, PauloCarvalho, Alexandre.Santos, Vasco.Freitas

Improved initial synchronisation and frequency offset estimation in UMTS FDD mode

V.Lomi, G.L.Pierobon, D.Tonetto, L.Vangelista

Scalable Adaptive Hierarchical Clustering

L. Mathy, R. Canonico, S. Simpson, D. Hutchison

How to achieve fair differentiation

Eeva Nyberg and Samuli Aalto

A Framework to Service and Network Resource Management in Composite Radio Environments

L-M.Papadopoulou, V.Stavroulaki, P.Demestichas, M.Theologou

JESA Service Discovery Protocol Efficient Service Discovery in Ad-Hoc Networks

Stephan Preuss

Measurement-Based Admission Control for Dynamic Multicast Groups in Diff-Serv Networks

Elena Pagani, Gian Paolo Rossi.

Performance Simulations of a QoS Aware Caching Method

Pertti Raatikainen, Mika Wikström, Timo Hämäläinen

Call Admission Control for Multimedia Cellular Networks Using Neuro-Dynamic Programming

Sidi-Mohammed Senouci André-Luc Beylot Guy Pujolle

Aspects of Amnet Signaling

Anke Speer, Marcus Schoeller, Till Harbaum, Martina Zitterbart

Virtual Home Environment for multimedia services in 3rd generation networks

Orazio Tomarchio, Andrea Calvagna, Giuseppe Di Modica

On Providing End-To-End QoS introducing a set of Network Services in Large-Scale IP Networks.

E. Tsolakou, E. Nikolouzou, I. S. Venieris

SaTPEP: a TCP Performance Enhancing Proxy for Satellite Links

Dimitris Velenis , Dimitris Kalogeras, Basil Maglaris

An Overlay for Ubiquitous Streaming over Internet                       

C.K. Yeo, B.S. Lee, M.H. Er

A Measurement-Based Dynamic Guard Channel Scheme for Handover Prioritization in Cellular Networks

Roland Zander Johan M Karlsson


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