My current research activities are focused on the following themes:
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    The IoT vision entails the integration within the Internet of billions of objects and artefacts with sensing, communication and computing capabilities. Then, IoT allows objects to interact be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into the cyperspace. In this reserach area, I focus on the design of open, reliable and energy-efficient IP-based network architectures for the efficient integration of web-enabled devices into self-adaptive service platforms. Furthermore, I also investigates the use of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) paradigm in IoT systems to develop more efficient data management and disseminaton solutions.
  • 5G networks and technologies
    5G is one of the hottest reaserach topics in the telecommunications field, and it refers to the next geneation of mobile boradband communication systems able to provide new and better services than current 4g/LTE networks, e.g., massive M2M cand vehicle-to-everything communications. Among the many enabling key technologies for 5G networks, I specifically investigate the design of mobile data offloading schemes and efficient solutions for network densification.
  • On-demand Mobility Services
    Personal on-demand mobility services are envisioned to provide more sustainable urban mobility models by leveraging on shared mobility options (e.g., car/bike sharing or car pooling) across multimodal and integrated transportation systems. In this reserach area I focus on car sharing data mining and analysis, optimal management and control of shared mobilty solutions, multi-agent transportation simulation.
  • Smart Grid
    Smart grid refers to the evolution of existing electrical systems to support sustainable models of energy production, distribution and usage. In this vision ICT technologies are fundamental as they can provide prower grids with pervasive communication and monitoring capabilities, as well as more distributed and autonomous control and management functionalities. Specifically, I focus on the design of ICT solutions of smart metering, energy efficient solutions and trasnportation electrification.

In the past I also worked on the following topics:
  • Modelling and evaluation of 802.11 MAC protocols
  • Addreess auto-configutation in MANETs
  • Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Design and performance evaluation of Bluetooth networks