Professionals activities and affiliations

Editorial activities

Committees of International Conferences/Workshops

  • General co-Chair (with Hongyi Wu) of IEEE WoWMoM 2021.
  • Symposium co-Chair (with Hongxiang Li, Pan Li) of IEEE ICNC-WN 2018.
  • Technical Program Committee co-Chair (with Hongyi Wu) of IEEE WoWMoM 2016.
  • Technical Program Committee co-Chair (with Thierry Klein) of IFIP SustainIT 2013.
  • Technical Program Committee co-Chair (with Jalel Ben-Othman) of ACM Q2SWinet 2012.
  • Workshops co-Chair (with Shameek Bhattacharjee) of IEEE WoWMoM 2022.
  • Workshops co-Chair (with Lee Jeongkeun) of IEEE WoWMoM 2012.
  • Publicity co-Chair (with Habib M. Ammar and Salil Kahere)of IEEE ICDCN 2014.
  • Publicity co-Chair (with Stefano Basagni and Salil Kahere)of IEEE DCOSS 2013.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Chiara Boldrini, Francesco Ciari, Kara Kockelman) of IEEE MoD@ITSC 2017.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Gaurav Bansal, Mate Boban, Andreas Festag) of IEEE SmartVehicles 2017.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Salil Kanhere and John B. Kenney) of IEEE SmartVehicles 2015.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Salil Kanhere and John B. Kenney) of IEEE SmartVehicles 2014.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Vasilios Siris) of IEEE HotMesh 2011.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Albert Banchs) of IEEE HotMesh 2010.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Berthold Rathke) of IEEE HotMesh 2009.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Larry Holder and Mohan Kumar)of IEEE MASS-GHS’07.
  • Workshop co-Chair (with Silvia Giordano and Stephan Olariu) of IEEE PerSeNS 2006.
  • Member of the Technical Program Committee of over a hundred international conferences, including (only some of those since 2008): IEEE ISCC 2015/2014/2013/2012/2011, IEEE GLOBECOM 2015, IEEE ICCVE 2015/2014/2013, IFIP MED-HOC-NET 2015, ACM MSWIM 2015/2014/2013/2012, IEEE PIMRC 2015/2014, ACM Q2SWINET 2015/2014/2013, IFIP NETWORKING 2015/2009, IFIP SUSTAINIT 2015/2012, IFIP WMNC 2015/2014/2012, IEEE WOWMOM 2015/2014/2013/2011/2009, IEEE ICCN 2014/2013/2012,MACOM 2015/2014/2013/2011/2010, ACM PE-WASUN 2013/2012/2009/2008, IEEE PERSENS 2013/2011/2009/2008, IEEE VTC 2012/2009/2008