Information Day

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19 September 2012
Time:  9:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Room A27, IIT-CNR, G. Moruzzi, 1 56124 Pisa, Italy


The Institute for Informatics and Telematics of the Italian National Research Council is hosting an information day of the "Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation" (CAPS) initiative, which will provide funding for research in the region of 15M Euros, within call 10 of the workprogramme 2013 of the EU ICT programme (Objective ICT-2013.5.5).


The Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) are ICT systems leveraging the emerging "network effect" by combining open online social media, distributed knowledge creation and data from real environments (Internet of Things), in order to create new forms of social innovation.

They are expected to support environmentally aware, grassroots processes and practices to share knowledge, to achieve changes in lifestyle, production and consumption patterns, and to set up more participatory democratic processes.

The distributed situational awareness enabled by such platforms can then have concrete impacts, for instance in empowering (and motivating) citizens to make informed decisions and consumer choices, in real time, fostering collective environmentally-savvy behavioural changes and a more direct democratic participation. These platforms would be collective tools of social innovation, to design new visions of sustainable societies and environmentally sound solutions.

The CAPS program seeks participation from all technical and humanistic disciplines which can potentially contribute to such techno-social developments: not limited to computer science or telecommunications, but actively involving social media, sociology, anthropology, economy, law, biology, art.

From a methodological standpoint, the CAPS program will thus proceed in cooperation with the Internet Science initiative launched in Call 7 of the FP7 ( and currently explored by the FP7 EINS Project (Network of Excellence in Internet Science,

The call, that is expected to be published in July, will accommodate proposals of any size, ranging from individuals or small entrepreneurs, up to NGOs, civil society organisations and larger European consortia.

The information day is the fourth event in Europe for this programme and it is open to anyone free of charge upon registration (up to the maximum number of admitted participants).

Additional information can be found at

What the day will achieve:


  9:00 − 10:00    Registration
  9:20 −   9:30    Welcome
  9:30 − 10:00    Presentation of the CAPS call - Fabrizio Sestini (European Commission - DG Information Society - )
10:00 − 10:50    Invited Talk and Q&A - Fausto Giunchiglia (Professor & Head of the ICT Department, University of Trento, Italy - )

10:50 − 11:20    Coffee Break

11:20 − 12:10    Invited Talk and Q&A - Roger M. Whitaker (Professor & Head of the School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff Univ., UK - )
12:10 − 13:00    Invited Talk and Q&A - Franco Zambonelli (Professor , University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy - )

13:00 − 14:30    Lunch break

14:30 − 15:45    Short presentations

  Sven-V. Rehm
  Fiorella de Cindio
  Damiano Fontana
  Piero Fraternali
  Athena Vakali
  Stephanie Parker
  Pietro Liò
  Annamaria Chiasera
  Luce Jacovella
  Alfonso Molina
  Francesco Filippi
  Hein de Graaf

15:45 − 16:15    Coffee Break

16:15 − 17:00    Open Discussion and Conclusions

After the lunch attendees are given the opportunity to give a short presentation (4/5 slides, between 5 and 10 min max) about their views and ideas related to Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation, also in the perspective of the coming call. For organising the sessions, we need an abstract of your proposed presentation *** by September 12 ***, and the slides *** by September 17 ***.
You can send this material to the following address:

Due to timing constraints, only a subset of the presentations can be allocated in the schedule of the afternoon sessions. Speakers will be announced by September 14th. In any case, all the slides that will be sent to us will be available on the website of the event by September 19th.

For further information please contact Marco Conti and Andrea Passarella at


This event is free to attend but advance registration is mandatory as only a limited number of participants can be accepted.

Registration will be open until the 12th of September.

In order to register, please send a message to, according to the following instructions:

Sending this message does not imply you will be automatically registered.

Registration will be successful before the 12th of September, and until the maximum number of registrations is reached.
We will reply to your request, in order to communicate the outcome of your registration.